AlphA All in One, Film Budgeting Software

What’s New in AlphA All in One Film Budgeting Software: Improvements, Bug Fixes...

  1. V.1.30

  2. New

  3. -When opening AlphA in Exe mode, a message pops up to invite Production Service Companies to access on Internet to a Quick Guide for AlphA.

  4. -When opening a virgin AlphA file, a button «What’s New?» has been added to access to this actual page.

  5. -The sub-menu «AlphA Help» has been added to the menu «Tasks» to redirect Users on AlphA web site.

  6. -When importing Client data from an old AlphA version into a new version (downloaded from the web site), the User is asked to import User’s Preferences (standard rates for social charges, insurances, mark-up and handling fees) and the standard Price List.

  7. -Recall in main budget Summary (in follow-up mode) of all confirmed quotes.

  8. -Alert (color change) in «Exe» column when rates are entered for the Production Service and not validated by an «Y».

  9. -Titles for main sections (ex: Preproduction) and sub-sections (ex: Camera) are now unprotected so that users can customize them.

  10. -In the menu «Preferences/Administrator/Referent», user can enter the email address of the person to which notifications will be sent when confirming a sale.

  11. -Adding of 2 nights on top of the number of nights in the formula of hotels per technicians (to include early arrivals and late departures).

  12. -The downloaded version of AlphA will automatically open with 60 days in demo.

  13. -The mention «The list of quotes is filtered» has been added in the «List of Created Quotes» sheet to alert User when the list is actually filtered.

  14. -In the Summary of a quote or of an additive quote, a recall has been added to mention the % resulting from the amount of the Handling Fee divided by the Total estimate (similar as the mark-up %). It can be erased or customized by the User as well as other items in the Summary.

  1. Repaired

  2. -Page breaks stay visible after printing (in order to be adjusted by the User).

  3. -The Import Preferences procedure in Menu «Navig/Preferences» now imports General Conditions of main budget (sheet «xBud»).

  4. -Bug fixed when printing notes in the Summary section (notes sections were previously printed although empty).

  5. -Bug fixed in the Reduced View procedure that did not include page 3 of the Post-production section (3D Animation).

  6. -Instability fixed when, in this order, User duplicates a quote, initializes the entire workbook and then re-duplicates the standard quote (Excel was quitting unexpectedly).

  7. -Only «Y» can be entered in the column «Synth» of the elaborated filter (menu «Tasks/Show/Advanced Filter/Customized»).

  8. -In the Summary of a quote, bug fixed in the formula of the recall of the mark-up taken on top of the Production Service costs (a mistake occurred when a «Negotiated at» amount was used).

  9. -Bug fixed in the calculation of the simple hours of the Overtime section of an additive quote.

  10. -In an additive quote, clearing the number of day of an item erases the rate (if previously entered) only when the quantity is null (in the same row).

V. 1.20

  1. New

  2. -The  item «Week» is added to list of standard units.

  1. Repaired

  2. -Prevent User from adding two identical Currencies in User Preferences Pane.

  3. -Correction of a bug in the formula of the number of travels for the Line Producer.

  4. -The Reduced View procedure now includes rows with Quantities or Number not null although Rate is null. It previously created a problem to calculate Hotels and Travels when a quantity was solely entered.

  5. -Correction of a bug in the popup message if total changes after reducing the view (which should not be the case).

  6. -Hotels and Travels for Postproduction are now included in the «Clear Data/Retrieve Standard Formula» procedure of the menu Tasks.

  7. -Correction of a bug in the «List of Created Budget» sheet to include in the «Confirmed Quotes» section «Additional-day» additive quotes.

V. 1.10

  1. Repaired

  2. -Correction of a bug in the formula of the rates in Working budgets and Actuals when alternative rates of exchange are used (different from those used for the Client’s quote).

  3. -Correction of a bug in the procedure «Tasks/Erase Data/Restore Formulas» : erasing Qty and Nb of the shooting Exe section was mistakenly erasing rates of the Postproduction domestic part (totally absurd!)

  1. V.1.31

  2. New

  3. -On AlphA file opening, automatic checking for available updates (also accessible in the menu Tasks / Help).

  4. -Possibility to enter packages for insurance amounts (by erasing formula) in the Working and Actuals Expenses sections.

  5. -Export a quote in Excel format (in menu Tasks...)

  6. -Adding a sub-menu "Identifying errors formulas" in the Tasks menu.

  7. -Suppression of the menu "Tasks / Save-as" no longer necessary with Excel 14.3 and addition of a message to choose the right format (xlsb) in the normal Excel save-as procedure.

  8. -When importing a quote, drop-boxes to select tabs contain names of tabs instead of the number of the quotes.

  9. -Alert in the User’s Preference Pane when the value of an exchange rate is "0", ".0" or " ".

  10. -A password is no longer asked when importing a quote from an AlphA file belonging to a different client (useful for free-lance line-producers who wish to import different Price Lists).

  11. -Cash-flow (accessible from the sheet "List of Created Quotes").

  12. -Alert message when changing either Domestic or Exe currency in User’s Preferences Pane when some currencies have been previously entered manually in the column "$" (i.e. they won’t be updated...).

  13. Repaired

  14. -Verify in the Price List the presence of invalid characters that may create formula errors.

  15. -Correction of a bug in User’s Preference Pane when modifying the Reference currency. Combo-boxes for currencies B (Domestic) and C (Exe) are now correctly updated.

  16. -Correction of a bug in User’s Preferences Pane when activating the Cancel button if the Reference currency has been previously changed.

  17. -Correction of a bug when sending the workbook by email.

  18. -Correction of a bug when entering the code for the renewal fee (the code remains now stable within the passage to the year 2).

  19. -Clearing Domestic rates (menu Tasks / Clearing Data...) does not affect the alternative currency (column "$") if there was previously in the same row an Exe rate taken into account.

  1. V.1.32

  2. New

  3. -Video tutorials available on this site (page "Tutorials") and accessible in the program itself.

  4. -"Guide for Service Productions" and "All the Video Tutorials" links have been added to "Tasks" menu.

  5. -Addition of "See Movie" buttons in specific locations re-directing the user to video tutorials.

  6. -If the User clicks the "Enter a license key", addition of a message indicating that a valid key has already been entered.

  7. -On the opening of an AlphA file in "AlphA Exe" mode, the choice of language of content and menus is now available to the User.

  8. -Addition of a button in the Summary to access to "User Preferences", page "Mark-up and Handling Fees".

  9. -Addition in the "User Preferences" of a warning message when the "Classic AlphA Exe" mode is enabled mentioning that it is possible to send the quote to the executive production.

  10. -The color of a cell in the "Exe" column of a quote changes if a domestic or an "Exe" rate was entered but the result in printed part for the client remains zero (because an "Y" has been omitted or has not been applied properly).

  11. -The color of a cell in the "Exe" column will be green if the expense is a service production expenditure, blue if it is a domestic expense and orange if there is a conflict.

  12. -Addition of buttons to add a row at the bottom of each section of the "Consolidated Account Log".

  13. -Addition of "Art Department", "Studio", "Location" and "Stylism" items in the selection menu in "Expenses" and "Invoices" sections of the "Consolidated Account Log".

  14. -Addition in the "Consolidated Account Log" summary table of a menu to select either "Working Budgets" or "Actuals" or nothing in order to compare them with "Consolidated Account Log" or quotes.

  15. -In the "Consolidated Account Log" sheet, possibility to add rows at the end of each sections via the contextual menu (ctrl-click).

  16. -Better design of the "Consolidated Account Log" summary table with a dynamic comparison of columns which are highlighted when compared.

  17. -Message alerting the User to remove unused quotes if their number exceeds 15 (in order to reduce file size).

  18. -Addition of a submenu to the "Tasks" menu to delete comments (red triangles) in an additive quote if they are too numerous and therefore troublesome for visual comfort.

  19. -Improve of the search procedure for cells with errors. This procedure now mentions the number of errors found, the address of the cells and selects them if they are visible.

  20. -An option in the «Follow-up mode» allows to put to zero all Production Service expenditures when they are recalled automatically, so that it become possible to enter one amount for the production service (instead of the detail). This amount is also recalled in the top banner.

  21. -Recall the name of the Production Service at the bottom of each page to ease comparing multiple quotes when printed on paper.

  22. -The active sheet remains in the same position when "Overtime" columns are shown.

  23. -Remove of the "Reimbursement" section in "Petty Cash Management" sheet which became obsolete because the "Transfers" section may contain reimbursement operations.

  24. -Addition of a menu in the top banner of a quote to select the result of margin with or without taking into account other confirmed quotes (valid when Working Budget and Actuals modes are activated).

  1. Repaired

  2. -Correct update of "Price List" menus (Navig and Tasks) when the "Price List" sheet activated from another sheet.

  3. -Changing of the cell format (alignment) in the "Nature of Work" cell in the "General Info" section of an additive.

  4. -In the "List of quotes created" sheet, limitation to 50 characters (2 lines) of the recall of the nature of the work of an additive (to avoid lines that would be too high).

  5. -Fixed bug with the "Enable macros" message that showed 2 times on opening an AlphA file.

  6. -Removing of the dash "-" in the second row of the address below the Client logo if no website address is mentioned.

  7. -Prevent Copy / Paste in "User Preferences" (problems with invalid characters). A bug occurred especially when exchange rates were copied from a website.

  8. -Fixed bug when importing an additive while the workbook containing the 1st main quote (default named xBud) does not have the same name as in the other workbook.

  9. -The procedure "Modify margins in selection" now takes correctly into account numbers with a comma.

  10. -Entering the first letter in a column of "Consolidated Account Log" and "Petty Cash Management" sheets now offers an automatic entry if a similar entry already exists in the column above.

  11. -Fixed bug in overtime calculation. They were not taken into account in "Models", "Children" and "Other" sections in "Talent" main section.

  12. -Fixed bug in an additive during the recovery of a rate if the name of the 1st main budget tab contains a space.

  13. -When displaying reduced view in a quote, the procedure takes now into account hotels or travels even if the salary of the crew member is zero.

  14. -Returning to "Classic" mode from "AlphA Exe" mode is allowed if no Client password has been entered in "Administrator Preferences".

  15. -Fixed bug in the "Consolidated Account Log" when only post-production expenditures are entered. Previously, the summary was not updated if no amount had been previously entered in the shooting section.

  16. -Fixed bug when transferring the "Price List" to a quote when reduced view was displayed. The index of the filter was not initialized.

  17. -Fixed bug when the procedure "Transfer price list to a quote" was canceled by the User. Automatic calculations were not re-enabled.

  18. -Clearing the quote number when creating an additional blank main quote.

  19. -Cells in "Invoice" column of "Consolidated Account Log" sheet are now in "Text" format.

  20. -The "Initialize workbook" procedure renames 1st main quote tab in "xBud."

  21. -Removing "Navig" and "Tasks" menus after the exporting the "Consolidated Account Log" sheet.

  22. -Keyboard shortcuts are not available if multiple AlphA files are open simultaneously (could lead to bug if AlphA files of different versions were open).

  23. -Fixed bug when importing an additive from a workbook which 1st main quote tab (xBud) has a different name.

  24. -Fixed bug when selecting quote number in the "Consolidated Account Log" if several estimates have similar number.

  1. V. 1.33

  2. New, improved

  3. -To print, simply press now 2 times (or 3 times depending on the case) the Enter key, which allows not to use the mouse.

  4. -The menu Tasks / Display / Reduced is now always available to perform successive reductions when rows become empty while the display is already in reduced mode (note that you could already do the same thing with Ctrl K).

  5. -Column for applying a different currency for each row is now displayed by default if additional currencies other than the reference currency are entered in the User Preferences.

  6. -Addition of an editable cell below the number of a main quote in the General Information section to mention a brief description of the quote if necessary.

  7. -The default notice "Handling fee" is replaced by "Overheads" (it can still be modified by the user).

  8. -Addition of an indication on where to enter rates in the currency tab of user preferences.

  9. -Addition of Tunisia in the menu of choice of countries in the currencies tab of User Preferences.

  10. -The number of an imported additive is now automatically indexed with the suffix " _Imp " so as not to confuse it with other additives that may have the same number.

  11. -Only red triangles (for comments) now appear on opening AlphA. This to prevent the possibility that the user has configured Excel so that the messages appear in plain and the sheet becomes difficult to read.

  12. -Addition of a submenu to Tasks to remove red triangles when there are too many (to ease reading the quotes).

  13. -In an additive quote, titles and prices  make now reference to the fee schedule (rates sheet) rather than the main budget (sheet xBud).

  14. -Possibility to save with a file name containing the special character - ("dash in the middle").

  15. -Option in the print settings for not mentioning the file name in the quote’s footer.

  16. -Possibility to validate / confirm a quote in its summary (as in formerly Omega).

  17. -The automatic email generated when the user sends AlphA in Exe mode via the menu " Tasks / Email this workbook " mentions the video tutorial that executive productions can watch to quickly understand how to make a quote.

  18. -The Cash-Flow forecast section is deleted as it is now included of the overall company management software AlphA Enterprise.

  19. -Addition of "Royalties" as a choice in menus of "Suppliers" section in the Globalized Account Log (sheet cLog). These royalties are added to Talent in shooting or post-prod section in the upper summary of the Globalized Account Log.

  20. -Automatic pre-entry is enabled in the Globalized Account Log. When the user enters the 1st letters of a name, it will be offered a choice based on previous entries in the same column.

  21. -Addition of a button in the Globalized Account Log to send email to Accounting department (or any person) when it has been modified.

  22. -The button of the Globalized Account Log "Export log in an unprotected Excel sheet" launches a procedure that now rearranges the sheet for the data to be automatically integrated with copy/paste in the overall company management software AlphA Enterprise.

  23. -In the Globalized Account Log, possibility to temporarily set post-production to 0 with a checkbox located in the top left of summary.

  24. -In the Globalized Account Log, adding of the "N ° confirmed quote " instead of " No quote " line in column headers.

  25. -Option to not print the details of upper summary report in the Globalized Account Log.

  26. -When Alpha notices a formula error, the user is now redirected to the first accessible error in order to attempt to correct it.

  27. -In error messages now appear the AlphA version.

  28. -Automatic reordering of sheets in the tab bar if they have been manually moved in a position that prevents the proper functioning of AlphA.

  29. -Addition of a waiting message in the status bar when the permissions are repaired (to avoid the user losing patience when nothing changes on the screen).

  30. -Overall improvement in execution speed of AlphA.

  31. -Possibility in the printing user form to print the column of social charges (where the "Y" are entered).

  1. Repaired

  2. -Prevent User from using cut-paste and drag-drop procedures as if a crushed cell is named or if it refers to a formula, it created an error.

  3. -Fixed a bug in the payment conditions when the OSX was in English while the version of Microsoft Office was in French.

  4. -Fixed compatibility when AlphA is used with an operating system which regional preferences (language of the OS - and not Excel) are exotic (like those of Lesotho ... ).

  5. -Color tabs of main quotes is not automatically set in white anymore.

  6. -Fixed a bug in the automatic translation of the button "Watch the movie" that did not update when selecting language on opening AlphA.

  7. -Fixed a bug when sending automatic email when AlphA is in English.

  8. -Fixed a bug when the file was opened while the active sheet was non-standard (added manually).

  9. -When the User selects the AlphA Exe mode, the "Watch the Movie" button in User Preferences opens the film "Quick Guide for Prod Services".

  10. -The menu "All video tutorials" in Tasks now redirects to the AlphA web site with the list of films and not directly to Vimeo.

  11. -On opening AlphA, the message "File was saved by ..." is displayed only if the file has already been used to make an estimate (i.e. by another user).

  12. -Suppression of the message "A valid key is already entered" when the user presses the "Enter Key" button when AlphA license is no longer valid.

  13. -Fixed a bug in the procedure "Clear / Reset formulas" in the Globalized Account Log which did not erase the formulas manually entered in the amount column (like "= 1000 * 4" ).

  14. -Duplicating a budget or additive now clears the number of the quotes in the General Information section to prevent two estimates having the same number.

  15. -If there is no Production Services involved, the mention "Prod Exe" is no longer recalled in the top banner of the body of the quote.

  16. -Presentation of a quote Summary, which can change depending on how the Overheads rates are applied in the lower part section of the quote (insurance, travels, social security...) is now updated before printing.

  17. -Pressing enter on a rate in the column "Rate" of a quote selects the cell below and not the cell on the right.

  18. -If no "Negotiated At" was used in consolidated quotes, "Negotiated At" rows of the Consolidated Summary sheet are now hidden.

  19. -Fixed reduced display mode. When a row is empty in the client section (left) but is not empty in Budget Work or Actuals sections while these two sections are hidden, this row is now displayed in the reduced mode. A message appears to warn the user explaining why the empty row is not hidden.

  20. -Fixed a bug when printing a main quote displayed in reduced mode while a third page of notes id displayed in the Summary.

  21. -Correction of the mention % Margin of the Negotiated At in subtotal section of the Summary of an additive .

  22. -Fixed a bug when printing a quote. When the print area was not standard and the quote was in reduced mode, going back to the standard print area was not working properly in some cases.

  23. -Fixed a bug in printing area of the sheet containing the exported data of a quote.

  24. -Fixed a bug when "Save As" was made ​​from a Mac to a USB key.

  25. -Fixed a bug in the User Preferences to validate the margin rate of a weather day quote.

  26. -Fixed a bug when emailing the quote exported in a protected Excel sheet (menu Tasks). The email was not prepared automatically.

  27. -Fixed a bug when importing into a main budget to force the display of the "Overtime" column if overtime were actually imported.

  28. -Fixed a bug when importing a data into a main quote. Titles are now imported in two languages ​​if the both quotes correspond to the same client (unless the quote with the data to be imported is in AlphA mode Exe).

  29. -Fixed a bug when importing a quote if sections were previously hidden permanently in User Preferences.

  30. -Fixed an instability (Excel could quit unexpectedly) on Mac when switching from the Globalized Accounts Log to the List of Created Quotes when the rows and columns headers were hidden.

  31. -Fixed a bug when sorting Names and Sections columns of the Globalized Accounts Log. If a section of the report did not include any rows because they were deleted by the User, sorting were reversing formulas.

  32. -Better positioning of "+" buttons (add a row at the end of a section) in the Globalized Accounts Log (sheet cLog).

  33. -Improved display of the Globalized Accounts Log when said sheet is selected (the active cell remains the same).

  34. -Fixed a bug in the formula verifying the quote numbers in the Globalized Accounts Log. It now refers to the list of abbreviations a each quote and not just their number.

  35. -In the Globalized Accounts Log, suppression of the message "This cell must not be empty" when the cell is no longer empty.

  36. -Fixed a bug in the "List of Created Quotes" where "Validation" column could sometimes be hidden.

  37. -When a quote is in reduced mode, columns for Hotels and Travel are displayed if they contain non-zero values ​​entered manually or from formulas.

V. 1.34

New, improved

  1. -Addition of a second decimal in overall margin percentages mentionned in the Summary of a quote. The reader who manually calculates backwards finds now approximately the right amount of markup (the result is still not exact because these %, as a result of mark-up % applied row by row, are approximated).

  2. -Addition of the version of AlphA in informative or error messages that appear for the user.


  1. -Correction when displaying page breaks with the ability to move the dashed lines that appear in blue (on Mac). The cursor to move these lines was no longer appearing in previous version 1.33.

  2. -Fixed an error in sheet xBud that blocked certain procedures (such as reducing the estimate) with the display of the message No. 457.

  3. -Fixed a bug when importing an executive production quote while the receiving quote was not setup in Alpha Exe mode. The "Exe Crew" row in the Summary remained hidden.

  4. -Fixed a bug when printing an additive. Overtime column was consistently displayed even though Overtime hours were not used.

  5. -Fixed a bug when printing a quote in "Actuals" mode. When the "Include quote details columns" option was checked when Overtime hours were not used, the "OT" column was displayed.

in blue, it’s important...

V. 1.40

New, improved

  1. -Addition of 500 rows distributed in all sections of a quote. A large part of these new rows are displayed at the request of the User with the menu "AlphA Tasks: Add a Row in this Section" accessible with a Ctrl-click in any cell of the section.

  2. -In the "Preproduction" section of an estimate, addition of a sub-section "0. Conception & Preproduction" including by default items such as: Art Direction, Conception, Storyboard… The subtotal of this section may be displayed in the Summary by checking the appropriate option in the User Preferences.

  3. -The "Post-Production" section is now placed after travel.

  4. -The "Vehicles" sub-section of «Equipment» section contains more rows (two ligthing trucks, DIT car, remote head car ...)

  5. -Each quote now has a pop-up menu that is constantly on screen to move faster (one click) from one section to another and which also includes buttons to reduce (Ctrl K) or extend (Ctrl L) the quote.

  6. -Possibility to replace the 2 languages by default (English and French) with the menu "Navig / Languages / Add Languages" by downloading the "AlphA language" module. Spanish is now available (as well as Russian, German, Portuguese that are still incomplete and missing terms are replaced by English equivalent).

  7. -The navigation pop-up menu in a quote has a "Vehicles" button to display all vehicle rows scattered in different sections (equipment, art department, studio and natural locations).

  8. -Keyboard shortcuts (eg Ctrl J to access the summary) now work with multiple openned AlphA files.

  9. -In the Summary of a quote, addition of a "Creative Fee" button displaying after the Total a "Creating Fee" without the need to enter the details in the "0. Conception & Preproduction" sub-section (see above). The amount can either be entered manually or calculated as a percentage applied to certain rows of the quote using "% Creative Fee" and "Items" buttons.

  10. -All Preproduction items can be affected with payroll taxes (such as translations…)

  11. -A "Music Rights" sub-section has been added in the "Sound & Music" section.

  12. -Possibility of making the Casting 1 as foreign cost.

  13. -Possibility to force the presentation of the Summary (1 block or if possible 2 blocks separated by a row for Overheads, the program choose according to the way Overheads % are applied).

  14. -The % of the overall margin (Overheads + Markup) is now mentioned by default in the part of the Summary that is printed for the customer. It can be erased and restored using the menu "Apply the Default Formula" with the Ctrl-click.

  15. -A button has been added in the Summary to insert in the first block of notes the following mention:

  16. -IMAGE & MUSIC / SOUND RIGHTS including Use of Media, Not Including PURCHASE OF MEDIA SPACE

  17. -Territories:

  18. -Duration of use:

  19. -Date of first use:

  20. -Talent rights are not included.

  21. -New General Conditions (drafted by the Producers Union - APFP) attached to a quote.

  22. -Addition of the menu "Tasks / View / Standard Presentation of Columns" to return to a normal layout of a quote columns.

  23. -Both procedures "Clear Data / Restore Formulas" and "Initialize a Quote" now reset all formulas by default in the Summary.

  24. -In the "Clear Data / Restore Formulas" procedure, possibility to erase the content of block of notes in the Summary as well as the quotation number allowing to retrieve a completely virgin quote.

  25. -New presentation of a quote (fonts, borders, colors ...) hopefully more pleasant to read.

  26. -The standard markup and overheads % for a Director in the Production Service crew section are now the same as the rest of the technical crew.

  27. -New formatting of a quote when exported as an Excel spreadsheet for the purpose of the Renault budgeting process.

  28. -New Rate List including the crew members functions of the French Union Agreement and the latest rates. Standard rates are those for short contracts (typically for Advertising) and for a 8 hour-day. However, in a main quote, the Ctrl-click menu in one or more cells in the "Rate" column will provide for a crew member the other 4 available rates (short contract-12h, long contract-8h, long contract-12 and week contract).

  29. -Titles of sections and sub-sections of the Rate List are now completely unprotected and can be modified by users to customize AlphA.

  30. -Rate List includes a "APFP" button to access the French Collective Agreement and a CFP-E button (Union of European producers).

  31. -Revision of the calculation of the 1st payment.

  32. -In the Consolidated Summary, addition of a note calculating "Payment Terms" with the ability to retrieve the standard formula if erased.

  33. -In the Consolidated Summary, new option to delete the date mentioned on the footer when printing the sheet (as in a main quote).

  34. -In an additive quote, at the beginning of the Summary, mention of Domestic and Production Service sub-totals in the form of two rows which can be shown or hidden by removing manually amounts and then activating the reduced view of the estimate.

  35. -In an additive quote, addition of a button to select comparison columns in Follow-up mode.

  36. -In the Consolidated Account Log, addition of a button to exclude shooting from the results (same as the one to exclude postproduction). These two buttons allow to exclude the corresponding data in costs but also in sales and therefore isolate the overall margin for shooting and postproduction sections.

  37. -In the Consolidated Account Log, addition of 2 rows in the summary (upper chart) to distinguish between the overall margin for shooting and postproduction with their respective profitability.

  38. -In the Consolidated Account Log, addition 2 rows in the summary (upper chart) to distinguish between the margin and overheads on the following principle: Global margin = Overheads + Margin, Overheads being equal to the sum of Overheads of each confirmed quotes. Overheads are somehow considered a an intangible cost (fixed by the sale) and are not affected either by the actual cost of the film or by possible "Negotiated at" amounts. The margin is therefore calculated as the difference between overall margin and overheads.

  39. -In the Consolidated Account Log, unprotection of columns J, K, L at the top right of the summary and of columns Q, R, S, T at the right of the input section.

  40. -In the Consolidated Account Log, the color of the font for rows whose type is "Provision" is automatically in blue.

  41. -When importing a main quote, possibility to import General Information content as well as markup and overheads %.

  42. -AlphA now automatically retrieves valid license keys (if available) on the Internet and it is no longer necessary to manually enter a license key each time an AlphA file requires it.

  43. -Test the Internet connection on opening AlphA.

  44. -New comprehensive procedure for checking the integrity (errors) of an AlphA file with the menu "Tasks / Check the Integrity of the Workbook" with the ability to send the diagnosis report to the designer.

  45. -SImplification of the save-as procedure. The file is now automatically saved in the right format (xlsb).

  1. Repaired

  2. -Overall improvement of the speed of calculations and procedures.

  3. -The user forms are generally larger for Mac for better screen reading.

  4. -Adjustment of left footer font size of a printed quote.

  5. -Note 4 in the Summary (payment terms) is now always in client's currency while it was in the reference currency in the previous version.

  6. -Fixed a bug that appeared when the Follow-up mode (Working Budget or Actuals) was hidden but not empty as displaying the quote in reduced view mode sometimes induced inconsistent results.

  7. -In "Hotels & Travels" columns, AlphA prevents the entry of spaces which could cause errors.

  8. -Agent Commissions rows are moved just before those of domestic payroll taxes.

  9. -In "Rate" column, global amount on which payroll taxes are applied is no longer mentioned if the payroll tax % is null.

  10. -Row numbers are now in alphabetical order in the Summary notwithstanding its presentation (1 or 2 blocks depending on the position of the Overheads row).

  11. -Removal of formulas for row numbers (first column on the left) in a quote (speed-up calculations).

  12. -Payroll taxes on models have been deleted in the standard configuration.

  13. -Formulas in Follow-up columns have been removed by default and are now inserted only when necessary (reduces the size of the file and speed-up calculations).

  14. -Modification of "Overtime" formulas. These are now rounded so that it matches exactly what is displayed to the client.

  15. -Detection of a not updated presentation of the Summary when "Dynamic Presentation" option is on.

  16. -Recall in the Summary when the "Partial Cost" mode is on.

  17. -The Summary now only mentions currencies used in the quote and not all those entered in User preferences.

  18. -The Mode "Partial Cost" is prohibited in the Follow-up mode because it can induce calculation errors.

  19. -In the Consolidated Summary, correction of a formula error in the global "Negotiated at" amount that sums all confirmed quotes.

  20. -When the reduced view mode is on, a quote now automatically switches to "All Rows" mode if markup or overheads %, Y for payroll taxes or agent commission % are modified by the User. This could induce errors by modifying hidden rows.

  21. -In the Consolidated Account Log, automatic translation of "Exclude shooting" and "Exclude post-production" buttons when switching User’s language.

  22. -The Y in the Exe column of an additive are disabled by default in Preproduction when a Production Service is involved.

  23. -Systematic verification that the amount of the overall margin in the Consolidated Account Log is the same as that of confirmed quotes.

  24. -Deletion of superfluous comments in the Consolidated Accounts Log.

  25. -cLog sheet has been moved before dRes sheet in tab bar (speed-up calculations).

  26. -Systematic search of an update of AlphA if the entire workbook is initialized (menu "Tasks / Initialize Workbook").

  27. -Forced display of the formula bar if it is hidden on opening AlphA.

  28. -Prevent any "Cut & Past" which could delete default formulas and create links to other workbooks.

  29. -Verification of formulas errors starts with visible sheets and areas to possibly allow the User to correct errors.

  30. -When saving the file, systematic suppression of hypertext links added by User because it could cause instability.

  31. -When saving the file, automatic replacement of quotes and additives tabs between the tabs xBud and zEnd because it this could disrupt the 3 dimensions formulas.

  32. -Verification that the procedure "Export" does not depend on how markup and Overheads % are applied on the payroll taxes except when the client is Renault.

  33. -Verification of the presence of forbidden characters in filename when saving the file.

  34. -Modification of the list of prohibited characters in the filename (for example, removing of the sign "-" but addition of the sign "*").

  35. -Fixed a programming error in the procedure "Tasks / Show all". If the sheet was in reduced view mode, the vertical scrolling was sometimes impossible.

  36. -The warning message before printing has been strengthened and it now refers to the correct page of AlphA web site stating in particular that it may be necessary to clean fonts and repair permissions in case of printing problem.

  37. -Verification in the "Workbook Integrity" procedure of the right association of buttons and their macro.

  38. -Automatic saving of the file after repairing file permissions as, if the User does not save afterwards, he takes the risk of having to repair permissions again.

  39. -Repair of the double-click on the amounts in currencies in user form "Tools". Double-clicking now displays in the quote rows with a particular currency.

  40. -In the "Tools" procedure, scenarios of changes in exchange rates now calculate effect on Total estimate and not on Subtotal.

V. 1.41

New, improved

  1. -In the "Print and other" tab of the User Preferences, addition of an option to turn off the proposition of rate different from the one previously entered (eg. that of a long contract if the duration is more than five days) when entering the number of days in a quote. This option is disabled by default.

  2. -Addition of a button in the Consolidated Account Log to free the top pane in order to facilitate reading and entering data in the log. Double-clicking on the titles of the Summary (above table) allows the freeze back the pane.

  3. -In a main quote, addition a "-" button located below the "Navig " button (top left) to make the floating bar disappear permanently in order to avoid its annoying and successive prompting when several budgets are openned (instead the red cross of the floating menu will hide it temporarily and the menu will reappear when the budget sheet is selected again).

  4. -Addition of a "What's New?" submenu in "Navig" menu (3rd position) giving access to the list of the new features of AlphA.

  5. -The button "Import Client data" in the welcome screen is more readable in order to help users to not forget to click on it during an update procedure with a new version of AlphA.


  1. -Exchange rates are rounded to the fourth decimal when they are entered in the User Preferences (this could lead to minor differences when importing a quote).

  2. -Fixed a bug repairing the "Clear Data / Restore formulas" procedure of the "Tasks" menu and the validation of User Preferences. It now takes into account the figures entered in domestic (blue) and Exe (green) parts, which were sometimes recognized as text (which can happen after a cut and paste). It will also take into account numbers entered as a formula such as "= 3000 * 10%."

  3. -The user is now warned if, when updating a version of AlphA, he forgets to choose a Client logo (and then end up with a file having a "Company 1" demo logo).

  4. -Fixed an error in the procedure verifying the consistency of calculations when post production logs are still empty while shooting logs are entered. The program was finding an error when there was none.

  5. -Strengthening the procedure to display "Executive production margin" row in the Miscellaneous section so that the row can not disappear when reducing the quote or showing all rows if the user forgot to initially select this option in the User Preferences.

  6. -Fixed a bug in the recognition of licenses if the customer's name contains a letter with an accent.

V. 1.42


  1. -Weight of the file has been reduced by 30%

  2. -Faster calculations (many formulas are created only when needed) and procedures (more efficient code)

  3. -Printing (much) faster and more reliable thanks to the drastic reduction in PDF weight

  4. -Improved stability

  5. -Overall improvement of the verification of the file structure consistency, protections, calculations and automatic repair

  6. -Ability to import the "Consolidated Account Log" (shooting and/or postproduction) from another AlphA file

  7. -The file structure is now protected. The user can not delete sheets essential to the program but ...

  8. -Addition of an "AlphA" Tab menu activated with the ctrl-click (or right click) on a tab. It replaces the classic Excel menu and allows to manage quote sheets via a specific window (hide, display, sort, move forward or backward a quote in the tab bar, delete, duplicate, rename, color ...)

Main estimate

  1. -Implementation of the "Intuitive Mode" to convert automatically wages (if issued from the "Price List") according to the number of days (activation by a button in the upper banner)

  2. -Automatic refreshing of the «Reduced view mode» if entries are likely to modify hidden lines (like when entering a "Y" in payroll tax or agent commission rows)

  3. -Deletion of the systematic (and annoying) message when modifying the number of days for wages (for example when entering 5 instead of 3, a message popped up asking to change to the weekly rate)

  4. -Cursor behavior is more intuitive when entering a quote. For example, (i) entering a rate relocates the cursor to the "Qty" in next row, (ii) entering a quantity "Qty", when the unit is "Fee" automatically entered 1 in the column "Nb", recovers the possible default rate and positions itself at the quantity "Qty" in the next row...

  5. -Addition of a pre-calculation of perdiems (= nights + 1)

  6. -The reminder formula for the Agent commission in column F will now appear only if there is indeed an agent commission entered in the "% Ag" column (this gives more space to the title).

  7. -The row numbers for Production service rows now appear in dark green, to be more easily spotted in the color printed PDF.

  8. -In User preferences / Currencies tab, the exchange rates for actual costs are now automatically entered in full, at the same time as those for the estimate.

  9. -Fixed a bug concerning insurance rows that were not properly hidden in "Reduced view mode" mode when the option "Show Rows with Rates Only" in User preferences option was checked.

  10. -Protection of empty cells in column "$" (currencies per row) as it could give inconsistent calculations if the user inadvertently entered 0 in these cells.

  11. -Fixed a formula error that appeared when all rows were hidden

  12. -Modification of the procedure of access General conditions of sales so that they appear in the correct language

Summary of a main estimate

  1. -Addition of a choice menu to the "Media" field in the General Information section: TV, Web, Cinema, TV + Web, TV + Web + Cinema. Note 3 will change automatically in the case of "Web" mentioning "Quotation for a web broadcast only. It may be recalculated in the case of TV broadcasting and / or according to the exchange rates on the day of payment."

  2. -Addition of the gross margin % in the upper banner (left) under the Total: % MB = (margin + FG) / Total estimate

  3. -Deprotection of the label "Exe" in cell BS2509

  4. -In AlphA Exe mode, the Summary is now updated systematically before printing in order not to forget displaying the "Exe crew" row if it was hidden by mistake.

  5. -Correction of the number formats in Post-production and Post-production Pro rows, differentiated from others when the detail of these sections is displayed

  6. -Double-clicking in the cells containing Client’s information below the logo (address, phone...) now redirects the User where he can make this change himself.

  7. -Fixed a bug in the macro assignment to the Summary buttons (change the quote type and select the domestic part / Exe / both).

Payment terms in the summary of a main estimate

  1. -The limit of 66% of the total (or any percentage entered by the User) not to be exceeded for the 1st payment takes into account a "Negotiated at", if any.

  2. -There are no more dates entered by default (an annoying oversight in v.1.41) but the expression "DATE?" appears in the terms of payment to signify the User that he must click on the button "Terms of payment" to enter these dates.


  1. -Addition of an option in the User preferences (at the bottom of the "General" tab) for the presentation of overtime: choice of "physical" hours or their equivalent in "simple" hours (e.g. €100 for 1 double OT can be displayed €100/1h or €100/2h).

  2. -It is now possible to enter only an amount of overtime without entering a rate column AA provided that the formula in column AQ is replaced by a lump sum.

Simple additive

  1. -Automatic adjustment of the "Detail of the work" section in the General Information section. One can now enter longer descriptions, with no space limitation.

  2. -Extension of the "Quote N°" box to enter longer descriptions

  3. -Modification of the pre-calculation formula for insurance


List of created budgets

  1. -The name of a quote tab is now mentioned in the "List of created budgets" sheet to ease navigation when additives are numerous.

  2. -Activating the "List of created budgets" from any quote automatically selects the row corresponding to the quote.


  1. -Option to import "General conditions of sales" in "Import in this sheet" and "Import customer data" procedures

  2. -Option to import the 3 pages of notes of the Summary in the "Import in this sheet" procedure

  3. -Fixed a bug in the "Import in this sheet" procedure. Margin and overhead rates for material insurance were not imported correctly.

Consolidated account log

  1. -Addition of "Crew" and "Director" in the menus of the "Suppliers" section

  2. -The "Panels" button now allows to reposition them correctly as well as get rid of them.

  3. -Correction of automatic formatting and validation of input fields

  4. -Fixed a bug when verify calculations. This was annoying in previous version although harmless.

  5. -Correction of the formula in H8 which did not take into account correctly the Service production in some rare cases.

  6. -Fixed a bug concerning "Provision" rows that remained blue while the type of the operation was no longer "Provision".

User preferences

  1. -Addition of 2 decimals for currency exchange rates, allowing to use very low rates (ex: 1 peso = 0.000345 €) without rounding to the fourth decimal (0.0003), as before.

  2. -Improvement of the alert if the User changes margin or overhead rates indicating that it may change all quotes (the procedure also checks whether rates have been entered manually in a quote).

  3. -Fixed a bug in case the currency did not belong to the default currency list, i.e. the country and / or the currency symbol were entered manually by the User without using the choices provided in the list.

  4. -Reduce the size of User preferences pane for PC so that it is displayed in full and addition of a scroll bar for even smallest screens.

  5. -Adjustment if the size of fonts that did not display correctly.

 Price list

  1. -Default setting to the week rate has been changed to 5 days instead of 4 in the previous version. This number can be changed by the User himself in cell E48

  2. -After importing a "Price list" from an old model, AlphA now asks to update rates and titles in the main quote.

  3. -AlphA now displays all visible rows after updating rates and titles in a quote (view had to be refreshed in previous version).


  1. -The contextual menu accessible with a ctrl-click on a rate shows all available type of rates (short contract, long contract, week...)

  2. -Floating menu is disabled by default on opening (faster). Activation is now done by pressing the "Navig" buttons on the left upper banner and in the Recap.

  3. -Addition of a sub-menu "Disable this menu" to the floating menu to permanently disable it

  4. -Fixed a bug in the floating menu. If the "Vehicles" button had been activated, the other buttons did no longer work.

  5. -Addition of a "Suggestions for improvements" menu at the end of the "Tasks" menu.

  6. -The floating menu is recreated when the mode changes (Alpha or Alpha Exe) because the "Crew" button was not updated.

  7. -In "Reduced view mode", the User is now warned when an section is not accessible with the navigation menu because empty.

  8. -The "Main virgin quote" menu is accessible from any sheet

Integrity, data protection and repair of the workbook

  1. -Fixed a security flaw that allowed a User with Acrobat Pro to remove a mask in the PDF that hides the details of markup % in the Summary.

  2. -The integrity of the workbook now verifies that quotes have been duly created using the "Tasks" menu. If not, AlphA recreates the quote and deletes the original.

  3. -The integrity of the workbook now checks if buttons have no macro attached and, if necessary, attaches the button to its macro.

  4. -Improvement the "Repair permissions" procedure that did not work in some cases.

  5. -Reinforcement of the procedure to verify the «Consolidated account log» if the language of the user had changed and the titles of the sections "Expenses" and "Suppliers" had not been updated.

  6. -Using the apostrophe in the filename is now forbidden as it can lead to a dysfunction.

Consistency of calculations

  1. -Calculations are rounded to cents in such a way that there are no differences when a reader (often the Client or the Cost control) remakes them by hand.

  2. -Change of the default names of quote tabs so that they correspond to a sequential order (faster calculations).


  1. -It is now possible to change the logo of all quotes and additives without limitation of their number (it was previously limited to the main quote only).

  2. -Possibility of initializing the logos (button in the logo user form) from another AlphA file if logos are replaced by a red cross (Excel bug, rare).


  1. -Change of the color scheme for quote tabs (pale purple for main quotes, pale green for additive quotes and pale red for confirmed quotes)

  2. -Enlargement of the license key mention in the welcome screen (menu "Navig / About...") to make it more visible.

  3. -Fixed a bug when using the "Copy license key" button in the welcome screen

  4. -Addition of a certificate of confidentiality in the Conditions of Use of the program

  5. -The Conditions of Use for using AlphA now appear in the right user's language.