AlphA All in One, Film Budgeting Software

Requirements to Use AlphA All in One Film Budgeting Software



  1. OSX : All versions up to High Sierra

  2. Microsoft Office : Office 2011 for AlphA 1.42 and below, Office 2016 (and 2011) for AlphA 2.0 and above

  3. All free updates from Microsoft Office should be installed. To check if your Microsoft Office actual version must be updated, use Excel Menu «Help/Check for Updates». The minimum version of Microsoft Office should be 14.4.7. The version number is accessible with Excel Menu «About».

  4. Excel : activate Macros when asked on opening an AlphA file


  1. Microsoft Office : Office 2007, 2010 and above (2003 version will not work properly)

  2. All free updates from Microsoft Office can be installed with the program «Windows Update».

  3. Excel : activate all macros

  4. In Excel options, activate the Developer’s tab. Then, in the ribbon, click on «Security of macros».