Microsoft Office And Excel Issues For a Better Use of AlphA All in One Film Budgeting Software


Office 2011 can be install in parallel of Office 2016

Download (1) the installer and (2) the preference file

Install Office 2011 by double clicking on the installer. When you are asked to enter a license key, skip that step or enteranything. It will be refused. Then, quit the installer, if necessary by pressing simultaneously Alt Ctrl Escape (force quit).

If you don’t have access to your hard disk, open a Finder window and select the menu "Presentation / Show sidebar" as below (sorry in French in the picture).

Then select the menu "Finder / Preferences" and in the "Sidebar" tab, click on the "Hard Drives" as below.

Back in the Finder window, select your hard drive (it should look like this image below).

The new window should display the following folders, at least.

Select Library, then Preferences and drag the downloaded file there "" after having unzipped it. If necessary, replace the one that is already there.

Open Excel