AlphA All in One, Film Budgeting Software

Film Budgeting with AlphA All in One, in Brief...


AlphA is the most recent development of Omega, the commercial film budgeting software used by 80% of French commercial film production companies since 17 years.


  1. The state of art of Excel spreadsheet design (45 000 lines of VBA code, 50 000 formulas)

  2. 15 years of continuous development

  3. A transparent and flexible solution (see through formulas, cell formatting, data import...)

  4. Compatible with both Mac and PC

  5. Excel is used by millions of Users


  1. Globalize in one file all independent quotes such as estimates (per country), shooting & post-prod additives...

  2. Separate local and Production Service costs

  3. Exchange information between quotes of different projects

  4. Import Production Service quotes instead of time-consuming manual manipulation

  Main Features and Major Advances of AlphA

  1. Designed for Commercial Film Production and Production Service Houses (shoot and post-production)

  2. Importation of Production Services quote directly into Production quotes

  3. Latin or Anglo-Saxon shooting crew presentation compatibility

  4. Multi-country quotes with a global consolidated summary

  5. Currencies with different exchange rates for quotes and actuals

  6. Dedicated section for post-production and animation houses

  7. Estimate, working and actual section in each quote

  8. Comparison of 3 kinds of mark-up results: client, with cost rates, excluding in-house costs

  9. Smart Tool to visualize global impact on quotes when adjusting exchange rates

  10. Multi-function preference pane to adapt a quote to each project

  11. User and Administrator (restrict access) security levels

  12. Multi-language (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese...)